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In the time it takes to sip a nice hot cuppa and munch a biscuit or two, we'll have ample time for brief introductions and talk about your work and ideas. If you are happy to take things further, we can take it from there. Projects and ideas tend to evolve and that's fine, so don't worry about having every detail to hand. If you just want to babble away, that's okay, I'm a bit of a babbler too!

New ideas needn't be complex nor expensive, it's often the simplest concepts that have the biggest impact and reward.

You may have a firm idea of what you want or you may feel a little lost, either way, talking to someone in the know can give you a fresh perspective and direction. In my experience, it's worth taking that step forward to see where it can lead. Give it a go!

It never hurts to ask what's possible.

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